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Welcome to the S.M.M. gallery of sketches and movies!

Here you are able to watch and hopefully enjoy, pictures and movie clips from our adventures.

Since we often lack visual records from the past, the least we can do is not making the same mistake.

Remember however that what you see are personal interpretations of what we believe the life of North American frontiers people might have looked like.

New knowledge constantly changes our view of the past. So please ask for further information rather than copying something straight from a sketch found here. We make mistakes and don't want anyone else repeating them. -S.M.M.


- Rendezvous

- Treks

- Camps

- Adventures Abroad

- Movie Clips From Scandinavia

- Movie Clips From Abroad

- Prank Movies


• High Chaparral -2006

• High Chaparral -2007

• High Chaparral -2008

• High Chaparral -2009

• High Chaparral -2011

• High Chaparral -2012

• High Chaparral -2013

• High Chaparral -2014

• High Chaparral -2015

• High Chaparral -2016

• High Chaparral -2017

• High Chaparral -2018

• High Chaparral -2019

• High Chaparral -2021

• Primitive Rendezvous -2010

• Primitive Rendezvous -2011

• Primitive Rendezvous -2012

• Primitive Rendezvous -2016

• Strδngnδs -2009

• Strδngnδs -2012

• Δlvkarleby -2008

• Δlvkarleby -2009

• Δlvkarleby -2010

• Δlvkarleby -2012


• "Aux Aliments du Pays" -Living of the land -2011

• Back to Snaggy River on foot -2016

• Canoe Trek Along Snaggy River -2016

• Cuckoo canoe trek -2018

• Fall Trek -2021 (NEW!)

• Hjo Spring Ride -2007

• Hjo Fall Hunt -2006. SMM's first adventure!

• La Petite Guerre -2015

• Late spring ride -2008

• Paddle faster, I can hear banjos! -2012

• Fall Canoe Trek -2019

• Spring Ride -2008

• Spring Ride -2010

• Summer Canoe Trip -2008

• Winter Trek -2010

• Winter Trek -2011

• Winter Trek -2012

• Winter Trek -2014

• Winter Trek -2015

• Wolf Pack Track -2009


• Braintan Weekend -2014

• Fall Camp -2008

• Fall Camp -2009

• Flat Rock Council Weekend -2013

• Frontier Days -2014

• Frozen Beaver Camp -2015

• Horse Weekend -2014

• Limping Doe Camp -2019

• Rawhide Weekend -2015

• RMFT Trip Planning Camp -2017

• Spring Camp -2019

• Spring Camp -2021 (Danish edition)

• Spring Camp -2021 (Swedish edition)

• Spring Hunt -2020

• Springmoot -2017

• Wigwam Camp -2011

• Winter Camp -2009

• Zenas Leonard Trapping Camp -2016

Adventures abroad

• A.M.M. National Rendezvous -2010

• A.M.M. National Rendezvous -2017

• Bent's Fort -2010

• Rocky Mountain National Rendezvous -2010

• Rocky Mountain National Rendezvous -2017

• To Finland With a Touch of Red -2011

• Various Western Fur Trade Sites -2010

• Various Western Fur Trade Sites -2012

Movie clips from adventures in Scandinavia

This short film was originally made as a school project before the formation of S.M.M. It was filmed in Smεland (Sweden), May 2005. The ambition was to give an authentic glimpse (to our best ability) into the everyday toils and lifestyle of two Rocky Mountain trappers as they trapped, hunted and traveled in hostile Indian territory. The story is told at a slow pace through quotes from original journals and early descriptions. It starts with a short introduction of the western fur trade. Enjoy!

The language is Swedish with English subtitles.

Many thanks to those who made this possible.

• Mike Strikes a Light

This clip was made during a wet winter trek in February 2010.

• A ton of Char

Char showing how tinder from texile was prepared in the old days. This clip was made during Cockoo Trek 2018 and is also published as an addition to a Swedish article on fire making named "Grunden! Att gφra upp eld"

• High Chaparral Rendezvous -2013

A short tour of the High Chaparral Rendezvous 2013 and the Scandinavian Mountain Men Camp.

Movie clips from adventures abroad

• Robert Campbell - Mountain Man (1804-1879)

BBC documentary from 2018 featuring a bunch of our brothers and friends from the American Mountain Men. There's even a few seconds of Scandinavian fame that was filmed in Pinedale in July 2017.

BBC describes the documentary as "...the epic rags-to-riches adventure story of a penniless Tyrone teenager who left Ulster in 1822 and ultimately became one of the wealthiest men in America. Robert Campbell was one of the first Ulster-Scots pioneers to open up the American west."

• Jens & Co Arrives At Camp

This clip was recorded at the 2017 American Mountain Men National Rendezvous held at Spring Creek, Idaho. It was an amazing feeling to see our Scandinavian brother arrive like a real mountaineer in a secluded valley in the Rocky Mountains.

• Mountain Man Socks (Fotlappar)

This clip was made at the Museum of the Mountain Men in Pinedale during a SMM visit in 2010. Charlie and Char shares their plausible answear to what Osbourne Russell ment by "...his hose are pieces of Blanket lapped round his feet... ".

• Feast and Frolic

A great clip from Amercian Mounatin Men's national rendezvous held near Priest Lake (ID) in 2010. Buffalo meat cooking the fire while Fiddlin' Red entertains a bunch of mountain trappers. Half Stack, Charlie and Char gives in to the enchanting musik and starts dancing.

These two clips are borrowed from Teton Todd's Mountain Adventures. Visit for more interesting clips on recreating the Rocky Mountain trapper.

Prank movies

• Mike Makes a Slide Set

One of the most effective trap sets used by the Mountain Men was the "slide set". Follow Mike's instructions and increase your stack of plews!

• Mike Makes Fire and Char Helps

Traditional fire making instruction using flint, steel, tinder, a "birds nest" and ...


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