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Articles / Boasting Poetry

Published: 2015-11-17
Category: Anecdotes

(This article was written 2009. It was moved from the menu to articles in 2015)

"They drank together, they sang, they laughed, they whooped; they tried to out-brag and out-lie each other in stories of their adventures and achievements. Here the free trappers were in all their glory; they considered themselves the cocks of the walk, and always carried the highest crests. Now and then familiarity pushed too far, and would effervesce into a brawl, and a rough and tumble fight; but it all ended in cordial reconciliation and maudlin endearment". -Washington Irving

As a part of emulating people involved in the North American fur trade prior to 1840 the bragging, boasting and spiced up stories comes quite naturally after a few days out in the wild. This page is dedicated to these brags, or "bragging poetry" as we have chosen to call it. These declarations of love towards this great hobby is best enjoyed with a few grains of salt.

SMM - the outfits name, to which we are proudly bound.
In all the length of Scandinavia, our betters cannot be found.
Come rain or shine or whatever nature throws, we can handle it equally well.
With a diamond hitch on the son of a bitch we'll pack it from here to hell.
We love to boast as we drink our toast, and fill our cups once again.
'Cause we are the five that accomplish the most, the "Scandinavian Mountain Men"

Poetry, songs etc
Please if you will, send us poetry from within your group and share with others. Comradery and relations within the groups grow stronger for each year that passes. One becomes brother with another and deep friendship evolves. A natural step is the poetry invented. Chanted together on various trips and gatherings.. in it the words describing treks, troublesome events and defining moments. It truly binds you together as a group. So if ya will.. please send us texts and we'll publish together with links to your group.
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