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Articles / Flat Rock Council Weekend -2013

Published: 2013-10-28
Category: Camps, Treks & Adventures

Small kids, busy modern lives and a number of other obstacles has put the SMM in a sort of slow mode this past year. This weekend was intended to act as a combined family retreat and a much needed campfire council discussing internal SMM matters.

Mike, David and Johanna (their son Ludvig: 13 months), and Char (with his wife Sofia and daughter Minna: 8 months) attended. Unfortunately Charlie and Richard could not make it.

Although not a hardcore wilderness event we managed to get a couple of hours in the saddle, a few practice shots, a short trek, a night under the stars...hidden above rain clouds, and last but not least time to discuss.

Combining family life with historic fur trade adventures is a tricky task. But I think we managed really well this time.

I for one look forward to our next adventure following the traditional path of the SMM. If mother nature allows; on a foot or two of snow.

Until then family life is #1

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