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Members / Michael Nilsson

Swedish Mike.. A 45 year old fur-trade enthusiast.. or addict if you will..

I often leave the modern way of life in favor for the 18th or 19th century, trying to emulate as close as possible, the life/everyday chores of the longhunter and/or western mountain man. I have actively been doing so in the terms of "experimental archaeology" since 2004.
Sometimes I venture into the woods tuned into a woodland indian mode!

The actual hunting part is however very complicated due to very strict weapon laws and rules. This is one of the things we in S.M.M. struggle to compromize with. Sadly, since it's the main occupation of the western mountain men and longhunters alike.

Authenticity has always been a factor since day one. Of course, given the situations and level of personal development.

My interest for the early colonization of America, trappers and plains indians has stuck with me since childhood.. As I'm sure it has with many others. Reading about Swedens role in the colony "New Sweden" in Delaware, 1638-1655, really caught my attention at school.

I threw myself into the domains of plains indians and buckskinning in the early -90's. Worth mentioning is my love for beadworking and tradebeads in general.

I remember seeing the wonderful outlines/curves of the "fusil de chasse" for the first time and instantly fell in love! At the same time the elaborate "pictographic vests" from turn of the century had my heartrate exceeding every known boundary! How can one historically combine those two artifacts in same era? Impossible.. and sad!

Char, and I formed the Scandinavian Mountain Men (S.M.M), and there is no question to where we get our inspiration. In some aspects I regret living in the "wrong" country..

Your Most Humble Swede,

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