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Articles / The S.M.M. Brand

Published: 2016-01-14
Category: Anecdotes

When the S.M.M. was formed in 2006 one of our first priorities was to create a cool logotype like everyone else appeared to have. Guns, knives, powder horns, traps, hooped beaver plews, clay pipes and all other items and symbols associated with the fur trade was thought of and included in the process.

An early attempt that was more or less a rip-off of another groups logo was used for some time but discarded as it never felt as our own (which was partly true!).

A few years later Mike showed up at a rendezvous with a little surprise and a big smile. It was a branding iron well suited for any cattle ranch. We threw it into the camp fire, and minutes later appishmores, boxes and a few friendly pines were marked for life.

The genius thought behind the design based on the S.M.M. abbreviation, placed the S on top of the two joined M's creating the shape of a crown. A symbol that is closely associated with the small kingdom we live in.

It must be admitted that we didn't quite figure what we had until later. But when the discussion of a logo came up again and the previously mentioned symbols were once again discussed, we all finally agreed that the smelly burnt spot on the appishmore already served the purpose.

As ten amazing years have passed since our formation we are proud to announce that the S.M.M. was not just a fun idea, it is a real brother and sisterhood for the Scandinavians who share our obsession on Americas past frontier, and we have truly created a brand of our own.
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