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Articles / The Story of a Tin Cup

Published: 2009-07-24
Category: Anecdotes

Goodbye my friend.
Three years as a constant companion has come to an end

This last year has been troublesome and the ability to hold water decreased as time and treks went by. Tell-tale signs were neglected, but it was obvious that your time had come.
All beaten up, wrinkled, stained and painfully bruised, you've deserved to spend the remainder of your life a proud victor..

We shared a lot you and I; every possible, unmentionable and imaginable fluid, various food-stuffs mixed together with unconventional doings like the ambushing of friends, fights, tumbles and the falling from horses.

D'ya remember when we swam across the river on horseback some 100 meters at 2 o'clock in the night?

Many are the paths we have travelled together, and many are the streams we have sought. Never failing in quenching the thirst derived from a high altitude sun or a tiresome march..
I miss you silently thumping on my side, always delivering, always there whenever I needed you.

Occasionally my eyes rest on you holding a candle on the mantlepiece. In an instant a silent smile is visible on my face and in my eyes, when I reminisce about glorious times gone by.

Time to rest my trusted friend, farewell my partner, the job is done, you've served me well.

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