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PR -2016/2017

The 2016 re-birth of Primitive Rendezvous was a success! Thanks to Johanna and David for planning and booshwaying the event, and thanks to all that participated!

You can now view sketches from the event by clicking here.

Primitive Rendezvous -2017
At this date ambition is all that exists for a 2017 edition. As stated previous years the Primitive Rendezvous concept is not intended to always be arranged by S.M.M. members. So if you own or know of a suitable secluded piece of land where nature can provide at least firewood for two nights. Please consider becoming a booshway for the 2017 or 2018 edition. The S.M.M. will provide help, guidance and this website to promote the event. Contact us if you are interested!

Primitive Rendezvous is back! Put on your moccasins. Throw your blanket on your back and join us for the 4:th edition.

Rendezvous dedicated to the primitive way of life associated with North American frontier and fur trade history.

Please also take a look at Primitive Rendezvous 2016 facebook event.

September 23-25 2016.

Parking can be found by scribbling 5856'52.38N 1641'50.30 into your phone or GPS device.

Map 1 is an overview to situate the general location. Map 2 shows in detail where parking (1) and the campsite (2) is located.

Map 1

Map 2

For who?
Those who can walk or ride into camp. You or your horse need to carry all your stuff on one trip. All clothing, gear and food needs to be primitive or authentic. If in doubt, contact the booshways

Johanna and David. Contact info can be found under "Members" in the left hand menu.
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